With Leon, we’ve added flexibility and a customization freedom that allows the user to showcase their work like never before. This theme masterfully veils a large range of layout possibilities and design elements that can be tailored to your unique needs.

Everything you see (or don’t see) can be tweaked. You are in full control of what you show on each page. Now you can hide page sections from the mobile version, but show them on the desktop version (big plus!). Leon will not only get you head over heels with its chic, avant-garde vibe, but it will seamlessly blend in with your branding and portfolio, highlighting your artistic taste and charming personality. We’ve crafted this theme in a way that it easily adapts and compliments not only wedding photography work, but also travel, lifestyle, boudoir, fashion, fine-art and of course videography portfolios. Keep reading as the goodies are not only on the outside, but on the inside too (our backend just keeps getting better, we can’t stop!).