Footer Overview

Footer – a small block of content located at the bottom of your website. Most of the time this area includes SM Links, Copyrights texts, etc.

To manage your Footer content go to Flotheme – Footer section. Depending on your theme, you may have one or more layouts to chose from. Depending on the selected layout, options to customize the Footer will also differ.

Footers generally include the following information:
– Social Media links
– Copyright text
– Flotheme dev. copyright icon
– Instagram feed

In some cases:
– News Letter subscription
– Contact form
– Decorative elements
– Text blocks

Footers are generally broken down into 2-3 smaller sections. These sections include different content areas like Instagram feed, contact info, SM links, copyrights, etc.

Having the Footer broken down into several sections, makes it easier for you to locate and manage the settings within each section. Each section has its own set of settings that may include color and text adjustments, enable/disable block components, etc.