Manual Theme update via FTP

There are cases when our automatic Theme Updater cannot connect to your server and thus fails sending you the update notification when a newer theme version is available. If you are unable to solve the server-side issues and are still unable to provide a stable connection to our updater, you can manually update your theme by following the steps below.

Download the latest version of the theme

Review the following article for instructions on how to download the latest version of the theme from your Flothemes account downloads page:


Uploading the new version of the theme

After downloading the zip file of the theme, you can notice that it has the same name as the theme folder already present on your website.

WordPress does not allow uploading themes that have the same folder name, so you will have to rename the downloaded theme to any other name except the original one.

If you are using the Rosemary2 theme for example, the zip file for it will be named

Since renaming the zip file will not rename the folder contained in the archive, you will need to decompress the archive, rename the folder, and compress it back to a zip file:

Once you have the zip file with the renamed theme name, you can go ahead and upload it as you would usually do.

After that, access your WordPress website files via an FTP client or File Manager interface.

All theme folders can be found in wp-content/themes/

Here you will see two folders at least: rosemary2 and rosemary2_new. You can rename the currently active theme to something else, for example rosemary2_old, and rename the new folder to rosemary2. This way, your website will not notice that the theme was changed, that’s why this is the safest way of reuploading a theme.

Make sure to also clear server and browser caches after completing this operation.

Check your website after this to see if everything looks normal after the update. If yes, you can go ahead and delete the old theme version.

That’s it! Your theme is now up to date.