Custom Post Layout

With our new FloThemes you have a great option to overwrite the layout of the particular post.

Why would you want to to that? While you can always add any content that you want to showcase right into the post content, we give you an option to extend the post with the custom blocks. For example, you add a post about the wedding shot and would like to mention other people and companies you worked with or showcase the wedding location. You can extend the post with Vendors block and link all the partners in it (instead of adding a text into the post body). Such block will stand out much better. Another example here is a video that you may need to add to the post – for sure you can insert the iframe right into the post body, however it will look much better and more sophisticated if you use one of the video blocks.

In order to extend the post layout with more blocks or select a different layout for the post, right below the post content you have Use a custom layout for this post option.

As soon as you click it, you will get into the similar builder as you can see on Global Post Layout page.  On the Templates tab you can select one of the predefined templates to apply it to the post you are on. On the Custom Layout tab you see the structure of the post and can tweak it – add more blocks, remove or reorder blocks.

In order to add more blocks, scroll to the bottom and click Add Block button. Select the desired block and move it to the required position. Populate the block and save the updates.