Mobile Header and Popup Layout

For the most part Mobile Header Settings are very similar to the Desktop Settings. However, there are a few minor things you can change and tailor the mobile preview.

You can find these Settings by going to Flotheme – Header – Mobile Header Settings.

There are two section to adjust:
1. Mobile Header General Settings
2. Mobile Menu Popup

Mobile Header General Settings

First you will need to make a few generic adjustments in the Mobile Header tab. These settings are related to your Mobile Menu preview when it is inactive / closed.

Most of the time there are only 2 items within the closed Mobile Header: Logo and Menu. In some occasions Menu is a “burger” menu icon

Here you can find settings related to:
– Background Color
– Elements Color
– Enable Sticky Navigation
– Mobile Logo (Image / Text / Website Title)
– Mobile Logo Width

Please pay extra attention to the Mobile Logo settings, as in some cases, depending on the type of Logo, you may need to upload a simpler version of your original Logo, or maybe just use a text version if there are many small details within the original logo and are not visible on Mobile devices.

Mobile Menu Popup

Mobile Menu Popup – this area is when you open your Mobile Menu.

Here you can adjust:
– Background Color
– Elements Color
– Menu Button Label Title and Font Settings
– Enable / Disable Social Links
– Copyright Text and Font Settings

To change the Menu or Font color, find the section that needs change, click on Use a different color and select a color using the color picker, or manually type in the color hex code into the designated field.

You may also find options to enable/disable Social Links or Copyrights text.