Using Style Kits

Choosing a Style Kit

You can find all Style Kits by going to Flotheme – Style – Style Kits section.
Decide which Style Kit fits your requirement and click on Apply Style Kit

At this point, the chosen Style Kit will be applied to your site. However, you are still able to make Font and Color changes within a this Style Kit, and even create your own Style Kit.

Any time you make updates to either section of the Style area, you are making changes to the Style Kit. This can be something as little as changing the button font or website background color.

Check the video to learn more about the Stylekits:

Your Personal Style Kit

So let’s say you have very specific Brand guidelines to follow, and you are required to change 80% of the fonts and pretty much all the colors. In this case, you can save all applied changes and create a backup of these settings.

All you do, is click on Save Your Current Setup and give your Setup / Style Kit a Name

Your personal Style Kit Backup will appear in the Restore column and you will be able to retrieve it at any point.