Portfolio Page

The Portfolio Page is where you want to show off and sell your work. Creating a logically laid out page is an important part of your website. The easiest way to build this page is to use our Listing Page template.
However, you may need to categorize your Portfolios within the navigation Menu, therefore, there is a second option of how to manage your Portfolio.

Below we are going to cover the different ways you can create this page.

Using the Listing Page Template

The easiest way to create a Portfolio/Gallery Page is to use our Listing Page template.

This option is great to showcase many galleries. You may even have multiple galleries in a single category, so you want to make sure users have a good overview of the Portfolios content.

With each theme we offer 3-5 different layouts to choose from and the process will take just a few minutes.

For more info check out the Listing Page article.

Portfolio Galleries in the Menu Drop Down

For those of you, who do not want to have a large Portfolio Page with multiple posts, and want to minimize this area to only several categorized galleries summarizing your work, (e.g. Weddings Gallery with your best images within a single gallery) you can showcase your work under a Menu Drop-down.

1. Create your Galleries
2. Create a non-clickable Menu page (e.g. Portfolio)
3. Add created Galleries to Menu