What is a Domain Name and where to get One?

What is a Domain Name?

Domain Names are also often referred to as simply Domain, Website Address, URL. Essentially, these are all the same thing, just used in a different form.

Domain Names are entered into the Internet Browser which lead to a specific website.

So to create a WordPress website, there are 3 components you require:

1. Domain Name – YourWebsiteName.com
2. Hosting – this is where all your content is located
3. a Flotheme 🙂

You can get more detailed and technical info about Domain Names visiting Wikipedia.com although, the above description should be just enough to get you started.

Where to get a Domain Name?

There are dozens of options online where you can purchase your Domain Name from. All you have to do is Google “buy a domain name” and go from there.

Because starting a website is primarily a 2 component subscription e.g. 1.Domain and 2.Hosting there are a few companies we recommend going with as many time they provide package deals for Domain + Hosting. You can check them out on our website: Flothemes.com/Hosting