Changing Header Color over Slideshows

Most of the slideshow we use in our themes have option to merge them with the header, that means that the logo and menu will be displayed over the slideshow content. It may happen that due to the images colors and layout the header is not visible enough and you would like to change the header colors.

When changing the Header Text Colors over Slideshows, it’s important to note that these settings are located within the actual Image Slide you uploaded into the Slideshow.

For each Slide you need to assign a Text Color, otherwise the default color will be applied.

Change the Elements Color within the Image Settings, and this will change your Menu and all other text, or Social Icons over this image.

This option is only when you use a Slideshow with a menu that goes over the image.

If your Slideshow does not overlap with the website header and is displayed below the header, then the standard Menu colors will be applied (these settings are found in the Header Text & Background Colors).