Gallery Image Uploader

Uploading Images

To Upload Images scroll down to the Gallery Type area, make sure you select Images.

Scroll further down and click ADD TO GALLERY button to start uploading images.

Drag and Drop images into the Upload area and click on SELECT button to finalize the process.

Reordering Images

Once image are uploaded to the gallery area, you can change their order by simply dragging and dropping them around.

When finished, click on Update in the top right corner.

Deleting Images

Hover over the image that needs to be delete and click on X icon in the right corner.

Images + Videos

To upload Images + Videos to your Gallery be sure to select the Image + Videos within the Gallery Type section.

From there, proceed to upload images along with video embed codes into the designated areas.

*NOTE – you can bulk upload images just like you normally would, and add video embed codes afterwards.