Listing Block

The Listing Block is one of the most important blocks in the theme.

It is used to to create your Blog Page and Galleries pages (it lists the posts and galleries).

Regardless of the content you select, the Block settings remain the same.

Unlike the standard blocks you will have 1-2 more extra tabs within the Block settings:

Initial and occasionally Mobile.

The Mobile settings depend on the actual content layout.

Block Settings

Listing Layouts can vary from Theme to Theme, therefore options will change. However, regardless of Theme or selected layout the key steps remain the same for all.

1. Select the Content you want to show – Blog Posts or Galleries
2. Select the Categories you want to show within this listing.
*note – if the field is left blank, all categories will be shown on this page.
3. Select the number of publications you want to show per page.

Here you will find all settings related to the selected layout. For the most part all settings are quite generic and nothing you haven’t seen previously. However, the combination of these settings will vary depending on the selected layout.

Generally you can adjust:
– Fonts Styles
– Elements Color
– Display Category
– Display Excerpt
– Featured Image Height
– etc.

For layouts that include Grids, you can also find:
– Number of Columns
– Gap Between Items
– Masonry Layout

These settings are optional and not always included in Listing Block.

MARGINS & MISCELLANEOUS tabs are all standard