We released the FloLaunch plugin a couple of years back, to offer our clients an easy and safe way to build their new website, test various design ideas, new plugins or themes – without the fear of breaking something on their live site, or loosing clients due to maintenance mode. Since then, FloLaunch has been successfully used by thousands of our clients, helping them smoothly set up their new Flothemes sites in test mode.

During this time, we’ve observed how all of you used the plugin, collected feedback on what can be improved and which options you need. Today, we’re happy to release FloLaunch version 2.0! We’ve enhanced its interface, to offer a smoother and more automated user experience, that guides you through each step of the process. Also, we added options that allow you to easily switch between your Live site and Clone mode, and always easily identify which one you’re currently editing.

6 Reasons why you’ll love Flolaunch 2.0:

  • A clear, guided process for each step, from back up and clone site creation, to successfully launching it.
  • We’ve integrated a thorough compatibility check to ensure that your server configuration works well with your clone site, before you even create it.
  • No more confusion about which mode are you in – live or clone. You’ll hardly miss the RED color scheme of your WordPress dashboard clone site + the multiple switchers indicating that you’re in test mode currently.
  • Caching. We’ve integrated an option to clear cache before pushing your new site live, to make sure that you see it without any errors.
  • An easy way to share a temporary link with your friend or mentor to get feedback on your progress (expires in 12 hours)
  • You can always revert back to your old website, if after publishing it you realize that you’d like to improve and tweak a few more things. Note: your old website database will be kept up till the point you create a new clone website.

NOTE for existing Flothemes users: If you’re currently in the middle of updating your website, and are using the FloLaunch plugin version 1, you DO NOT NEED to reinstall it because you’ll lose all your current progress. FloLaunch 2.0 is not an update, it’s a fully rebuilt, new plugin. Just continue working as you are. You’ll be able to enjoy these new features next time you’ll want to revamp your site. At that stage, you’ll need to remove v.1, and install v.2.0 to your site.