Block Components


So now that we know what a Block or a Content Block is, let’s talk about what these Blocks generally include.

Once you unfold the Block settings you will find 3 tabs (in some cases more) at the top:
Specific | Margins | Miscellaneous

Specific tab – includes all settings related to the content within the selected Block.

Margins tab – allows you to add padding above / below the selected Block on mobile and desktop devices.

Miscellaneous tab – allows you to hide the selected Block on mobile or desktop devices, as well assign Block Id’s to create One-Page Websites.

In this article we will go over the Specific tab and the components found within.
For info on Margins and Miscellaneous, please refer to the Additional Block Settings article.


As mentioned earlier, the Specific tab includes all the content settings for the selected Block. Below we’ve listed out some of the core features you can find among our Blocks.

Image Block

Text Areas
We have a large variety of text areas, depending on the Block they are being used in. Generally they all include the option to change the Font Styles

Color Change
All Blocks have options to change colors of different components like text, button, decorative elements, etc.

Various content builders – in some cases these include image + text, blog post/gallery selector

Decorative Elements – some decorative elements can be page dividers with small icons, or simply icons. This would depend on the theme design.

Content type selector – this is typical for Listing Blocks where you can choose between Blog Posts and Galleries