Switching from Another Flotheme

Switching between Flothemes is not as a complicated process as one may think, however, it is not a process that allows lack of attention and detail.

There are many details that need to be considered when switching themes. First of all we do recommend that you use our FloLaunch Plugin to create a staging website before changing themes. This will help you avoid any potential problems in restoring your “old” website in case something goes wrong during the Theme switch process.

Below we have three videos for you to watch describing the process in detail. Please note that theme options, page templates and design will vary from theme to theme. Consider this video as a generic guide on how to go through the process, and use the FloLaunch plugin.
Your situation can be different from the example shown, therefore, the process does not have to be identical to the one shown below.

In our first video we talk about:
– Installing and activating FloLaunch plugin
– Creating a database backup
– Uploading and activating a New Theme within FloLaunch

In our second video we talk about:
– Confirming navigation menu
– Uploading a logo
– Updating slideshows
– Checking gallery settings

In our third video we talk about:
– Re-assigning page templates
– Re-adding content to pages according to the page template structure
– Altering header and footer settings, etc.
– Launching new website with FloLaunch.