Additional Block Settings


The Margins Tab is very simple. In this area you can increase or decrease padding above a given Block. This is especially helpful for Blocks at the top that may be to close to the Header or Blocks at the bottom that may be to close to the Footer.


The Miscellaneous tab generally includes 3 sections:

1. Visibility – in the following section you can disable a block for a mobile or desktop device. This feature is great if you have content heavy pages and you want to cut some content for mobile devices to increase the page load speed.

2. Advanced – this section is primarily for building One Page Websites and Custom CSS use.
To create a One Page Site you will need to:

1. Enable Sticky Menu – this will ensure users have access to the navigation at all time

2. Create Menu using Custom Links only. Instead of adding http://+URL, add #page-title or page number

3. Assign Block ID’s – Unfold the Content Block Settings – Miscellaneous
Go to “Block ID” field and add the same “URL” from the Custom Link menu item. e.g. contact.
*NOTE – do not add # to the Block ID field

In some cases, you may also want to disable the Fade effect when creating One Page websites. Go to Flotheme – Generics – Miscellaneous to locate the settings


The Mobil tab appears only in certain blocks that require your input on the Blocks mobile view.

In the example below, we have an Image Block from Fiji where the text overlaps the image on Desktops. In this case we give the user 3 Mobile view options to choose from.

*NOTE – not all Themes include Blocks with Mobile tabs