Logo Types (Image, Text, Site Title)

Adding a Logo to your website is a special moment. It is during this specific action you claim ownership of this domain, so you want to make sure you get it right.

There are three Logo Types available:
1. Image Logo – the most popular option. When upload an Image Logo be sure your logo is uploaded as a PNG image with a transparent background. Do not use any .PSD .AI or any other original design files.

2. Text Logo – is the 2nd most popular option used. Overall, there aren’t to many settings to adjust. Just make sure to chose a good font and adjust the font size accordingly.

3. Website Title Logo – the least popular option. Similar to the Text Logo, but typing in the actual Logo Title is done in Settings – General – Site Title. Important to note, that the Site Title also shows in the Browser Tab even if you selected the Image Logo. So be sure to adjust the Website Title regardless of the logo settings.

Below we have a short GIF explaining 3 different logo options we offer.

Also, be sure to check out our detailed tutorial explaining all the logo options including Logo sizing, Logo font and color adjustments, changing logo color over slideshow images, etc.

* note the video is recorded using the Kyoto theme. this does not make the process different for other themes.