How to Create a Gallery

Uploading Images

To Upload Images scroll down to the Gallery Type area, make sure you select Images.

Scroll further down and click ADD TO GALLERY button to start uploading images.

Drag and Drop images into the Upload area and click on SELECT button to finalize the process.

Below we have a short video covering all the basics.

Images + Videos

To upload Images + Videos to your Gallery be sure to select the Image + Videos within the Gallery Type section.

From there, proceed to upload images along with video embed codes into the designated areas.

*NOTE – you can bulk upload images just like you normally would, and add video embed codes afterwards.

Options from Older Themes

Some older themes use a slightly different layout from what is shown in the video above. Although the process for uploading images remains the same regardless of the theme you have, there are a few minor differences in terms of internal Gallery settings.

Some themes may include a different Gallery area under the wordpress text editor. This section will include a left sidebar with tabs where adjustments can be made.

Example Below:

The options to the left can change from theme to theme depending on what is included in theme design.