Homepages are definitely one of the most complex pages within a website. It is one of those pages where you want to spend most of your time and make sure every piece of content deserves to be there. A carefully crafted page, with attention to detail will make a user want to explore your website further.

Each theme is very different in style, design, layout and overall appearance. Therefore, Homepages are also very different from theme to theme. Generally a Homepage structure may look like this:
– Header
– Slideshow
– Testimonials
– Featured Galleries / Blog Posts
– About me
– Video
– Footer

Of course, just as any other Page Template, you are able to make changes to the Page structure if necessary. Check out our Block Managements article for further information.

Below is a short, general video explaining the overall page structure for Fiji 2. Please consider this video just as a sample, as it cannot relate to all themes.