Manual upload via FTP or File Manager

Step 1 – FTP Details

To get started with an FTP Service, you will need to know source your FTP information. It would be best to refer to your hosting provider documentation on where to locate this information. Most hosts will have a section just for FTP accounts. The details you require as are follows:

– FTP host address
– FTP username
– FTP password
– location of your WordPress installation inside the hosting account (usually directly into the public_html folder or some folder inside this)

Start your FTP host, and login using the details above.

Step 2 – Download and Unzip Theme
First you must download the theme you’ve purchased, you will have received an email with a download link, if you have not received this, or cannot find the email you can login to your account here.

Download the Theme, it will be a zipped file with the theme name and version i.e. Unzip the file (For mac users with Safari, the file may already be unzipped).

It should look like the following:

Step 3 – Upload to Themes Folder
Now go to your FTP Host (we use FileZilla), login and connect to your site. If you need further instructions for this, refer to your hosting documentation, or contact hosting support.

Once connected to FTP, on the left hand side, look for the directory where you downloaded them theme and find the unzipped theme folder.

On the right hand side, navigate to folder WP Content > Themes (go into this folder) or wp-content/themes.

In the left hand pane, choose the unzipped theme folder, right click and select “Upload” from the menu.

After the transfer is complete you will have your new file in the right hand window, the theme will now be in WordPress.

Step 4 – Activating Theme

Remember! If you are switching themes from an existing WordPress site, make sure to read the switching WordPress themes link. We highly recommend using our Flo Launch Plugin if making a theme switch.

For new sites, you are now ready to activate your theme. Login to WordPress navigate to Appearance > Themes, find the new theme, and simply click the Activate link (see below)

Note: If the Theme preview is blank, do not activate the new Theme without investigating further. Your site may not be displayed correctly, otherwise.