Creating a MySQL Database for WordPress to use

WordPress requires two main components in order to be functional: the default file set that can be downloaded on the WordPress website and a MySQL database.

While lots of hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installers so you don’t have to bother with this process, some hosting providers do not, so you will need to create the database manually.

In this article we will review the process of manually creating a new database. We will be using the SiteGround cPanel interface as an example, but most hosting providers have a similar process.

Accessing MySQL Databases

First you will need to access the MySQL databases manager within your hosting account cPanel interface:

Creating the MySQL database

Now that you are in the MySQL manager page, you can go ahead and create a new database. All databases are usually prefixed with your account name. So if you were to create a new database called “mydb” it will be created as “accountname_mydb”

Once you click the “Create Database” button, the database will be created. Note that this is not the final process before connecting the database to WordPress. You will also need to create a new database user or assign an existing one. Once you do that, you can now connect your new database to WordPress. The rest of the process is explained in the following article.