Recommended Blocks for Global Post Layout


The Title is an essential part of the blogpost that is used both on blog listing page and the post page at the top. It’s possible to create a blog post without a title, however we recommend using it for your convenience.

The Title is the easiest way to add H1 tag to the site page, that is very important for SEO. Try to make the titles informative since it will directly affect the site and post ranking. Please refer to SEO article for more info.

WP content

WP Text Editor or WP Content as we call it in our themes is one of the main tools in WordPress. Though we do not use it that much in our new builder for pages, it’s still the most important block for posts since you create the post content in this section – text and images or videos. We have a very detailed article covering the Post Content Editor block and all its additional areas as well as an article for Uploading Images to Post Content.


The Comments section is a part of the blogpost that allows your readers to communicate with you and provide their feedback. Since your site is built on WordPress, the first option to consider is WordPress Comments option. Read our WordPress Comments article for more info.

Another option to consider here is Facebook Comments. One obvious benefit of using Facebook comments is that it increases your site’s visibility on Facebook’s huge network. When users are leaving comments on your website, they can check the box to share their comment with their Facebook friends which has huge potential for additional traffic. Check our article to see how to activate Facebook Comments on your site.

Item Pagination

As an alternative to Related Items block, Item Pagination block provides a quick navigation to the following and previous blog posts (by date). This is also a good option to add navigation options to the post footer area so users can quickly navigate to the other post. 

Additional Blocks

Here you can get some additional ideas of the blocks to extend the Global Post Layout:

  • Add a simple text block with your customized signature, you can add a handwritten text, your favorite quote, etc. Usually users put it under the WP content block.
  • Add a block with awards / features & publications that will display under each of your posts. This is great for social proof and offers your users an extra reason to reach out to you.
  • Add a Testimonials block, again a great form of social proof. Just keep in mind that the testimonials will be universal for all pages. Not customized per each page (unless you overwrite the Post Layout with a custom one).
  • Add Call to Action block – like Contact Form or a button to open Contact or Investment pages. Put it below the content so that users can contact you right after they checked the story and got interested to collaborate.