WordPress Comments

Settings → Discussion

The Settings → Discussion page allows you to set the options concerning comments. It is here the administrator decides if comments are allowed, if pingbacks and trackbacks are acceptable, and what constitutes Comment Spam. On this page you also control the circumstances under which your blog sends you e-mail notification of certain events at your site.

For more details check WordPress Codex – https://codex.wordpress.org/Settings_Discussion_Screen

Moderating Comments

Moderating your users’ comments is a simple process. The Comments section of the backend lays out the basic information about each comment and lets you decide what to do with it.

The Comments screen is divided into three columns: Author, Comment and In Response To. Each of these columns provide you with a different category of information about a particular comment.

Replying Comments

Using WordPress and FloTheme you have two ways to reply the comment:

  • In the site backend you will see the new comments in Comments area. In case the comments are help for moderation, you can approve and reply the comment right from the backend and both the comment and your reply will be displayed in the comments are of the post, gallery or page. If the comments are published without moderation, you will still see new comments and can reply them from the backend. Similar functionality to edit the recent comments is available right from the backend dashboard.
  • In the comments are below the post, gallery or page (where you have the comments activated), you can click “Reply” and add your reply using the form that appears. (Note: being logged into backend in the same browser where you view the site, you will see the comments are a bit differently, without name and email fields. In case you would like to check how the comments area looks for the users, log out or another browser to view this area).

Deleting Comments

The Comments section of the backend lets you delete the comment you don’t like or consider to be a spam. Just hover the comment and you will see the call to action buttons with Trash and Spam among them.
Like the posts and Pages pages, the Comments page supplies a Bulk Action dropdown box. Select the comments you want to delete, and then select Mark as Spam or Move to Trash from the dropdown and click “Apply.”

Turning on/off Comments for a Single Post, Gallery or Page

After navigating to the editing screen for the post or Page you wish to add comments to, find the “Discussion” box and check “Allow Comments.” (If you do not see the “Discussion” box on the edit Page, click “Screen Options” in the upper right corner of the browser window. Make sure the box next to “Discussion” is checked.) Save your changes by clicking “Publish”, “Save Draft” or “Update.”

In case you wish to hide comments for a specific post, gallery or page, find the “Discussion” box and uncheck “Allow Comments.” Save your changes by clicking “Publish”, “Save Draft” or “Update.”