Replacing all http occurrences with https

9 Steps to Adding SSL to your WordPress Site

  1. Buy SSL certificate or get a free one if hosting provides such a possibility (Let’s Encrypt is a free SSL offered by most good hosting providers).
  2. Activate certificate from hosting account. If you access your site at this point HTTPS should be showing, it’s possible you’ll have mixed content and some errors at this point.
  3. Next Install the “Really simple SSL” plugin (and activate it like in the screenshots). Go to Plugins > Add New, then search for really simple SSL, click “activate”, make sure to check the box to Flush Rewrite rules on activation and then click “Go Ahead, activate SSL!”
  4. Next you’ll need to update the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) via Settings > General in the WordPress admin panel and save the settings.
  5. If website has any caching/minify plugins flush all caches.
  6. Check pages, posts and galleries if all of them are working right.
  7. Check your site paying attention to fonts, slideshow arrows, social media icons.
  8. Test your contact form and make sure that you are receiving emails
  9. Your site is now secure.

See the following video on how to add an SSL via SiteGround:

Useful SSL Articles from Popular Hosting Providers
Check out the following links to learn how you can implement free SSL’s from some of the most popular hosting providers.

A2 Hosting

See a full list of hosting providers offering free Let’s encrypt here.

Now that you’ve added the SSL and have HTTPS on your site, there are some next steps that should be taken to make sure SEO performance isn’t affected, as Google will now see your site as brand new.