Font Style Labels

Every FloTheme is published with a number of fonts (up to 10) that are selected and setup to highlight the theme aesthetics. In case the theme has one or more stylekits, every stylekit has its own set of predefined fonts. These fonts have different purposes and for the users’ convenience they are labeled differently.

Font Style Labels are basically the Font Style Names used within the Font Styles area.  (Each theme is unique and different in design, therefore Font Style Labels can be a bit different depending on the theme.)

Here are a few Font Styles you may find in your themes:

  • Logo Font – font style use for the text logo
  • Heading 1, 2, 3 or H1 H2 H3 – in most cases these font styles apply to Titles e.g. Page Titles, Blog Post Title in Grids or Listings, other areas may be applicable as well.
  • Special Heading 1, 2, 3 – in most cases any font style with the word Special means it is applied in a certain content block within the page builder
  • Paragraph – font style used within all general text areas like Blog Post, About Page, etc.
  • Meta Font – mainly related to Categories, Publish Dates, etc.
  • Call to Action – used on Buttons, Read More texts, etc.
  • Other Font Styles may apply.

Instead of writing out the entire list of font options that will be “D-DIN Condensed, font size: 18px, letter spacing: 0.3 rem, etc.”, we simply gave the Font Style a label – Special Heading 2.

Throughout the website each text area indicated the default Font Style used within that section.

These text sections/areas can be Button Titles, Blog Post Categories, Page Titles, etc.
You can find all Font Style Labels in the Font Styles section.

Below is an example of 3 different text sections and how they are labeled within the back-end.


Therefore, if you need to edit the Blog Post Category font, based on the screenshots above, you need to edit the META 2 Font within the Font Styles area (please note that if you change the font in Font Style area, it will be applied to all sections across the site where META 2 font style is used).

It is always a good idea to refer to Font Style Labels within any block to ensure you are editing the correct Font Style.

Please refer to the Font Styles Managment article for more information on how to manage Font Styles.