Insecure content fixing

There have been a number of users reporting issues with adding new templates, adding new blocks, and updating pages. 99% of the time this is due to adding an SSL incorrectly (adding HTTPS) on the site.

To solve this, you can install 2 plugins:

  1. Install the “Really simple SSL” plugin (and activate it like in the screenshots). Go to Plugins > Add New, then search for really simple SSL, click “activate”, make sure to check the box to Flush Rewrite rules on activation and then click “Go Ahead, activate SSL!”
  2. Install SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin, again just activate it, and you should be good to go.

If you have caching, clear your site cache also and refresh the page a few times.

Now try to update and edit your pages.

Also make sure to check out the section “Next Steps after implementing SSL” in our Why you need SSL article.

Still having issues, submit a ticket and we’ll check it out.