Uploading a Theme via Dashboard

Using the built in WordPress Theme Installer is the easiest way to install a new Theme. This process literally takes just a few minutes.
Below we have a short video explaining the process as well as a step by step guide with screenshots and explanations.

Step by Step Guide

1. Download Your Theme

You will have received an email with a download link following your purchase. If you cannot locate the email, you can also login to your new account and use the download link here.

Once downloaded, you will find a .zip file with your theme name and version (i.e. crowd.zip) This is the file you will install.

2. Check Files

Make sure that your downloaded file is a .zip file. For Mac users, the file is often unzipped.

In this case, make sure to compress the unzipped folder.

3. Install Theme

Login to your WordPress site, then go to appearance > themes > add new:
Select Upload Theme > choose file > and locate your theme on your local computer (the .zip file that we previously mentioned) > click the Install Now button. WordPress will upload and extract the theme archive for you.
4. Activate Theme 
Remember! If you are switching themes from an existing WordPress site, make sure to read the switching WordPress themes link.
For new sites, you are now ready to activate your theme. Simply click the Activate link (see below)
Next Step go to the Recommended plugins (section 3 below).
Note! If automatic installation fails for any reason, please review the process above and review your steps. If you still are experiencing installation issues, another option is to use an FTP service (such as FileZilla) for installing your theme. Note this method is for intermediate users and should only be used if you cannot upload via the WordPress installer.