How to Update a Theme

Prior to Updating your Theme

The following tutorial explains how to update your Flothemes site.

When attempting to update a Theme, you will see a warning message saying you will loose customizations made to the Theme. This statement is only half true, as the only customizations lost are the ones done to the actual Theme Files. If you are in fact planning to change the Theme Files, please read our Child Theme article.

Theme Settings and Custom CSS will remain the same when updating the Theme.

So unless you change the Theme Files, there is nothing to worry about, and you can go ahead and update them Theme.

Updating your Theme

Below we have written out a step-by-step process on how to update your Theme.

Step 1 – Check Default Folder Name

Do not change the default folder name. For example if you are using the Fiji theme, then the theme folder name is ‘fiji’ in the WordPress backend.

Your theme will not update if the folder name has been changed.

If you did change the folder name, then you must use an FTP client and change it back to its original title, or login to your hosting control panel, locate that file and change its name. Once this is done, go to Apearance – Themes and reactivate the theme again.

Step 2 – Add Order Number

Go to Flothem – Theme Updates, add your Order Number and click on Save

Please do not confuse the Theme Order Number with an Installation Order Number or some other product or service you may have purchased at Flothemes. Entering the wrong order number will keep you from receiving Theme updates.

The Order Number would normally consist of an 8-9 digit number. Old themes use longer order numbers.

You can get your order number within the Orders tab from your Flothemes account at .


Step 3 – Ensure the Theme Updater Plugin is active

Make sure the Flotheme Updater Plugin is installed and activated within your site.
This plugin is delivered along with the Theme files. (be sure to check out the Plugin Installation article)
If for some reason you don’t have the plugin, you can download it here:

Once the plugin is installed and activated, any time there is a theme update you will see message at the top of your screen as shown in the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.56.12 PM