Logo Sizing & Settings

There is no specific size or even a universally recommended logo size for your site, simply because each logo is unique and can be quite different in terms of placement requirements. Therefore, we can only suggest a few guidelines:

1. Make sure your logo is uploaded as a .PNG image with a transparent background. Do not use any .PSD .AI or any other original design files.

2. Make sure your logo is easy to read

3. Make sure your logo does not push other menu items out of place

4. Make sure your logo is not pixilated.

5. Make sure your logo does not exceed 500kbs in size

You can adjust the Logo size on Desktop and Tablet devices using the tools below

Also, be sure to check out our detailed tutorial explaining all the logo options including Logo sizing, Logo font and color adjustments, changing logo color over slideshow images, etc.

* note the video is recorded using the Kyoto theme. this does not make the process different for other themes.