Managing Global Gallery Layout

If you are using a FloThemes site, you have two ways to manage a Gallery Layouts:
1. Global Gallery Layout – this will be applied to all Galleries throughout the website.
2. Custom Gallery Layout – this will be applied to a chosen Gallery only.

By going to Flotheme – Galleries, you will find an area dedicated to Gallery Layout management.

There you will find four tabs:
How-tos – with video tutorials and links to documentation
Global Layout – here you can create your own Default Gallery Layout
Templates – here you will find all the Pre-built Gallery Layouts
Miscellaneous – here you can change the Gallery URL Slugs

The two tabs we are going to cover in this article are: Global Layout and Templates


Here you will find several predefined Gallery Layouts to choose from. Usually they will include all different slider types and a several different blocks of content.
Once you apply the Template Layout, you will be redirected to the Global Layout tab where you can make any modifications to the selected layout.


*NOTE – Galleries that are selected as “custom” within the back-end will not inherit the Global Layout settings.

Global Layout

By default the Global Layout contains one of the templates selected earlier Layouts tab.

Here you see the entire Gallery structure, all block of content starting from the header to the footer blocks.

Below we have a short description of the default blocks that may be included in your layout:

  • Header Placeholder –  includes your website navigation and logo. Having this block allows you to apply a custom header specifically for this Gallery. (e.g. you can apply a more minimal header style to provide more visibility to Gallery content.
  • (optional) Item Title – one of the blocks that manage how the top of the Gallery looks like. Usually we add several options here that you can choose between. If you like the whole template that you applied, but you are not happy with the post header area, you can remove the suggested one and apply another one Item Title blocks (for example, the one that doesn’t use the image).
    Quite often, title is a part of Gallery View block (you will see it on the block preview image). In this case the template will not include Item Title block. If you build your own layout for gallery and want to use Gallery View with the title in it (usually it will be a slider rather than a grid), do not add Item Title block. 
  • Gallery View – this block includes the gallery slider or grid settings (depending on the chosen layout). In some cases, you can also chose to display the header to overlap with the slider image. Other standard options include font and text color adjustments.
  • WP Content – this area is optional as many Galleries may use a custom text block. Generally, within Galleries it is used for text purposes only.
  • Other blocks may be included depending on the selected layout. Normally these can include Decorative elements or Page Dividers, various Text Blocks, Social Links, Related Posts, etc.
  • Footer Placeholder – just like the Header Placeholder, allows you to setup a Custom Footer if necessary.

For each content block you can also change margins / spacing between blocks (for mobile and desktop), font styles and background colors, et.

Once everything is confirmed, click on Update in the top right corner and all Galleries will inherit the chosen layout.

Check the Post and Galleries Layout overview video: