Page Builder Components

Page Builder Components are called Blocks. These blocks are also often referred to as Content Blocks.
Each Theme has different Blocks, and each Block is tailored to that Theme specifically, therefore, you cannot apply a Block from Theme B to Theme A.

Blocks include components from all pages like: Contact Page, Blog List Page, About, etc. This allows you to mix and match different blocks into a single page and design a unique page layout.

Below is a short list of a few common Blocks found in all Themes:
Header and Footer Blocks – are standard for all Themes. These blocks are added to the top and bottom of your site.
*NOTE – some older themes may not include a Header or Footer Block in the Page Builder.
Text Blocks – simple text blocks with 1-3 columns
Image Blocks – usually this is a combination of image + text. though this can vary per Theme
Listing Blocks – these blocks is used to list latest blog posts or galleries
Contact Blocks – used in the contact page and include a contact form
Slideshow Blocks – several Slideshow layouts used within the site. Some Slideshows can also be used between other blocks, not just at the top of the page

Some Blocks appear only when creating Blog Posts or Galleries.
Item Title – Blog Post or Gallery Title
Social Share – SM Sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Next / Previous – allows users to navigate between Posts
Related Items – Blog Posts or Galleries within the same Category

Other optional Blocks can can vary from Theme to Theme:
Video Blocks – allows users to add a video to a page
Testimonials Blocks – a custom testimonials block. normally this can include a text area, image + links to blog post or gallery
FAQ Blocks – allows you to add multiple Q&A’s to a page
Pricing Blocks – a great component to create pricing pages
Divider and other Decorative Blocks – are a great addition to any theme allowing you to add subtle branding elements to the site.