Gallery Featured Image

What is a Featured Image?

A Featured Image is a default WordPress theme function allowing users to upload preview images of Blog Posts or Galleries.

FloThemes actively uses Featured Images in multiple areas within the site:

  • Listing Layouts
  • Gallery Header area
  • Related Galleries or Item Navigation blocks (these are usually located at the bottom of the page and contain quick navigation to other galleries of the same category, or previous and next posts)
  • other blocks like Featured Works Slider where you have the option to select and add Posts / Galleries to it

You can upload the Feature Image by clicking on the Set Featured Image link in the Post Edit screen.

Setting featured image for a WordPress post

*NOTE: If you cannot find the “Set Featured Image” option, go to Screen Options in the top right corner and enable this feature.

Featured Image Size

Featured Images sizes may differ depending on where they are used. If the image used only for thumbnail previews within a grid, it is ok to use a smaller resolution image. If the image is being used as a full screen cover image within a Blog Post or Gallery, it is best to upload a more high resolution file.

See our FloThemes Image Sizes guide for more information.