We’re excited to introduce you to our new block designer tool, called FlexBlock!
FlexBlock offers you the possibility to design your own custom blocks for your Flothemes website. Have always wanted a more personalized & unique look for your site? Now you have the perfect tool for that!

What is FlexBlock & How it Works

FlexBlock is a free plugin that you install to your website. It adds a new block to your Flo theme, with incredible design flexibility & freedom. You don’t need any code skills or css knowledge, just follow our tutorials & documentation to get a good grip on the functionality & possibilities that this amazing tool offers – then start building new blocks, fully tailored to your brand & vision.

The beauty of FlexBlock is the full control you get over the way your page block looks. It’s responsive by nature & imports your theme margins, hence respecting its proportions and beautifully displaying on various screen sizes.
Due to no design restrictions, you will be required to manually build your mobile block version, however this allows you to design a fully tailored experience specifically for your mobile users.

Needed more blocks that show featured links, publications, projects that you’ve worked on? Easy! Link anything and everything to your new custom blocks built with FlexBlock!

Theme Compatibility
FlexBlock works with the following themes: Cube, Kyoto, Crowd, Osaka, Porto, Leon, Trento, LVY, Fiji, Evora, Cannes, Rosemary, Narcisse, Milea + all upcoming themes.
The plugin is not supported by older themes and cannot be activated for them.

Plugin System Requirements (same as Theme requirements)
PHP version – 5.4
Memory Limit – 256 MB
Maximum Execution Time – 30 sec minimum / 60 sec recommended