Getting Started with Flothemes

The following article explains what is required when getting started with Flothemes. You need the following elements, hosting, a domain and


You’ll need a domain name for your new site, that is the name of your web address, for example If you already have a domain name great! If not you can check out providers such as GoDaddy or for domain name availability.

Also note, that with most hosting providers you can get a domain name for free, so if you don’t have hosting yet, check the next step, and get both in one!


You’ll need a reliable hosting provider that allows a installation. Don’t worry if you don’t currently have hosting, you can view our recommended hosting providers and select one to get started.

Now you have hosting and a domain name for your site, you’ll need a installation. If you already have this, then great, you may want to check out how to use our Flo Launch plugin to work on your new site.

If not, you can download

With most hosting providers you’ll get a one click install of WordPress, best speak with your hosting provider. For those who don’t have one click installs, see WordPress’s documentation on installing WordPress.

Choosing a Theme

Now the hard part, choosing between our beautiful themes!

You can view all our themes here.

Want to see some real life examples, then check out orĀ showcase page for some inspiration.

Learn to Customize your theme

Ok, you’ve now got all the building blocks in place for your new site. Its time to customize your theme, we have a full range of documentation right here. Just navigate back to the main page and select your theme.

Additional Services

Don’t have the time, technical ability, or you just want assistance getting your site set up to save any headaches. No problem. We have a full range of services from clean installs where we set up the basics, right up to the custom installations including design mock ups before we custom code your new site.

Regular Installation Services.

Custom Installation Services.