Using WordPress Gallery Shortcode

There is a built in feature in the WordPress which many do not know about – it is the Gallery Shortcode.

When inserting many images in the blog post there are several advantages of using the gallery shortcode over  directly inserting the images in the content.

  1. Images can be easily rearranged and order reversed. This is very useful for those who usually insert a list of images in the blog posts (many photographers do that), and then struggle to rearrange the images or reverse the order. In this case I would use the Gallery with 1 column and full size or large image size depending on the theme I’m using.
  2. Possibility to have several columns.
  3. Easy to change the image size for all the images at once, even after they were inserted in the content already.
  4. There are plugins that can work with the Gallery Shortcode and enhance its functionality. An example it Jetpack Tiled Galleries.

Below are a few screen shots that show how to use the Gallery shortcode: