Updating Site Colors

With Flothemes theme we give you the option to choose colors for your theme.

There are 4 color areas:

  1. Backgrounds
  2. Text
  3. Overlines
  4. Call to action

There are 3 ways in which colors are used:

  1. Dark
  2. Light
  3. Accent

It’s all in a linear format. So you choose your background color, and then based on the color, you can choose your text / over line / Call to action colors etc. that would work for your chosen background color.

If you choose a dark background color, you’ll want to use light colors for text, overlines and call to action for example.

To get there, go to Flothemes > Style > Colors, simply press on a color and update it, then publish any changes by hittingĀ  update at the top right of the page: