Translating themes using WPML

The following article explains the process of translating your website into multiple languages using the WPML plugin. WPML is one of the most popular translation plugins on the market and our themes are compatible with them.
Their official documentation explains how to translate a site with their plugin. However we’ve extended the documentation here to explain better how you can translate all elements on our themes.

Install Required Plugins

It is necessary to install the following plugins: 
  • WPML Multilingual CMS 
  • WPML String Translation
  • WPML Translation Management

If you do not have any of the above extensions it is recommended to purchase them directly from WPML.

Choose your Languages

Setup WPML for the languages you need – see tutorial here. Or watch the video below explaining how to get started with WPML and choose your language.

Translate your Content

Then you need to translate all the pages, galleries, blog posts and other posts types which require translation. 
In order to do that, we recommend to edit the original page, duplicate it, and then translate it.

Translate the Menu

After all the pages/posts are translated, it is necessary to translate the Menu. Check out the following tutorial on how to do so here.

Translating Strings

You will also want to find any “strings” that is items that you’re unable to translate directly from the theme settings. To do so, it is necessary to look for any corresponding “strings” (words or sentences) in the options in WPML > String Translations, do a search for the word or sentence you want to translate, then edit it:

Check out the following video on how to do so:

Once the strings are translated, your site should be fully ready in your corresponding language!