Setting up WooCommerce in Flothemes

WooCommerce is a Shop plugin that can be added to any WordPress theme, including a Flotheme. Due to the extensive functionality of WooCommerce, the following article will cover the basics of installation and setup. More detailed information can be found on the WooCommerce website:

Install WooCommerce

If you have an existing site and want to install WooCommerce, using the WordPress Admin is the most straightforward option as it handles everything for you.

To install WooCommerce:

1. Log into your WordPress
2. Go to: Plugins > Add New.
3. Search for ‘WooCommerce’.
4. Select Install Now when you see it’s by Automattic.
5. Select Activate Now and you’re ready for the WooCommerce Wizard!

WooCommerce Setup Wizard
When WooCommerce is activated for the first time, the WooCommerce Setup Wizard helps you set up your shop.

Select Let’s go! to get started. Or select Not Right Now if you prefer to manually set up your WooCommerce shop.

For additional information on how install / uninstall WooCommerce, please refer to WooCommerce Documentation.

WooCommerce Pages

Once WooCommerce has been installed, there are a number of pages you will see appear within the Pages section. These pages will include: Shop, Checkout, Cart, My Account, etc.

If needed, you can edit, and add these Pages to the website Menu.

Setup Shipping

To setup Shipping Options go to WooCommerce – Settings – Shipping where you can set up Shipping Zones and Shipping Options, Shipping Classes.

For more information, please check out the Shipping Settings.

Setup Payments

To setup Payment Options go to WooCommerce – Settings – Payments where you can set up various payment methods like Direct Bank Transfer, Check Payments, Cash on Delivery, PayPal.

For more information, please check out the Payment Settings.

Add Products

To add Products go to Products – Add New

In the following section you will need to add the:
1. Product Title
2. Category
3. Price
4. Product Type
5. Product Image and Gallery
6. Product Description
7. etc.

These are the basics. To to learn more about Product Management, please refer to WooCommerce Docs.

WooCommerce Settings & Options

WooCommerce offers a wide set of options that can help you customize your shop. These settings will include setting up Currencies, Taxes, Product Permalinks, Managing Products, Coupons, Shipping, Orders, etc.

We do suggest to look into WooCommerce for detailed information regarding all these subjects. Please refer to the links below for additional information.

Settings & Options

Set Up Products

Sell Products


Managing Orders

Sales Reports