Adding Slideshow

The following video tutorials explain how you can set up a slideshow as well as the various options and settings that are available for your theme.

How to create a slideshow

Basic settings, how to upload images and videos.

Sideshow Settings

We will start off by looking into Slideshow 4 as it is the simplest one and includes only a few options.
Other Slideshows such as Slideshow 1 & 2 are more complex, so we have separate videos for them.

Slideshow 4

Slideshow 1

Slideshow 2

Setting Slideshow Item Colors

In the following section we explain how you can set the color for various items in your slideshow. These include your menu, social icons, text over image and depending on the color selected the logo (light or dark will be displayed).

To set the color of these items, you can do so per slide by going to the slideshow, then choosing “elements color” for each.

Slideshow Menu Bottom

In Porto Lifestyle, we show a full screen slideshow with the menu navigation at the bottom of the slideshow. To create this look is simple.

Step 1 – Create Slideshow

First you’ll want to have your slideshow created, as shown in section 1.

Step 2 – Add Slideshow Block

Next you’ll want to go to your page, then to the layout section, you’ll want to then add the block “slideshow 3” and then add your slideshow.

Step 3 – Choose menu position

Choosing the menu position is simple, scroll down in the slideshow block, and to the “header” section. Make sure to turn on “display header” then for “header position” choose bottom. Finally, if you’d like a specific header layout, enable the custom header option and select the layout you’d like to show. Thats it, just save (update) the page and your new slider will be present.