Page Settings

Go to Flotheme – Pages where you will find a number of different pages and settings related to them.

This section can contain a number of different pages that can vary depending on your theme. A few common pages you can find are:
– About Page
– Contact Page
– Home Page
– Listing Page
– Blog + Blog Posts
– Galleries
– Default Page
– Additional Pages (this section include Search, Archives and Not Found page settings)

For the most part, Pages like About, Contact, etc. will have very few options, of any at all, but rather a detailed screenshot of the page structure. This will help you edit the page template when located within the Pages section.

Other page tabs like Blog Posts, Portfolio Gallery, Additional Pages will include settings you can adjust.

Blog Post

Blog Post settings are pretty simple. They are all broken down into sections and tabs where you can make changes to a selected section.

Blog Post area you can select:
– Default post layout
– Full Width
– Right / Left Sidebar
– Auto set featured image
– Blog Post Responsive Images

Title Area
In this section you can make adjustments to the Featured Image settings, Title Fonts, Background Colors, etc.

In the following tab you can change:
– Blog Post Content Width
– Content Sizing
– Distance Below Images

Bottom Area
This area deals with many small elements at the bottom of a Blog Post such as:
– Tags
– Sharing Options
– Comment Area
– Navigation Links

Related Posts
Related posts are considered the blog posts within the same category. Enable / Disable related posts within blog posts.

Default Page

The Default Page settings allow you to assign a Sidebar by default to each page. The selected layout will be used as default for the new created pages. It does not affect the existing pages.

Additional Pages

Search Page

Overall, this section is pretty simple. When users search for Blog Posts or Galleries on your website, the Search Results layout will be structured according to the one selected.

Each layout has a unique number of settings that can be adjusted. These settings are standard, just as any other Content Block you can adjust Font, Colors, Padding, etc.

Archive Page

Archive Pages are related primarily to Blog Posts and Galleries. Similar to the Search Results Page, you can select a desired layout and then make font and color adjustments if needed.

“Not Found” Page

Within the “Not Found” Page there are only a few fields you can change titles to:

Not Found.
We couldn’t find what you were looking for.
Check out Our Home Page