Adding Blog Posts

Porto 2 allows you to create 2 different types of Blog Posts.
1. Simple Blog Post – using the standard WP options
2. Custom Blog Post – using our custom Page Builder

The videos below explain how to create a Simple Blog Post and a how to create a unique Custom Blog Post alongside with the Settings inside.

You’ll also find out how to set the blog post width in section 1.

Setting Blog Post Width

To set the blog post width is simple.

Go to Flothemes > Posts > Then to Global Layout > and finally WordPress content.

In here you’ll see there is the option to set the content width sizing, in a percentage value, or as a fixed number of pixels.

Decide which option you’d like, set the size and save the settings.

Simple Blog Post

In the following video we should how to add blog posts in WordPress.

Custom Blog Post

The following video explains how you can get up global single blog post settings, allowing you to create a unique layout for your blog by adding additional blocks available from our page builder.

note* video is based on Crowd 2