Listing Page

Listing Template Overview

The Listing Template is the easiest way to create a Blog or Gallery Listing Page. This Template allows you to showcase your latest Blog Post or Galleries.

You can find this template under the Page Attributes section when creating a new page.


Once you’ve selected the Listing Page template, scroll further down where you will find the page settings area.
Being by clicking on the Template Overview tab to select the type of content you want to showcase within this page. You can also manually select the Categories to be displayed within the Page.
If the categories field is left empty, all categories will be displayed within this page.

Further down you can make various adjustments to the Title area, Listing, Pagination, etc.

Below is some additional information about what is included into the different tabs.

Title Tab

The title area can consist out of 2-4 sub-sections. Below is a sample screenshot of what you may find in your Theme.

Further down you will see a number of different settings relating to the areas listing in the screenshot. Settings can include:
– Show Title Block – YES/NO
– Decoration Image
– Title + Title Font
– Category Switcher – YES/NO

Listing Tab

In the Listing Tab, select the layout you want for the Listing Page and make adjustments to the selected layout. Options to customize will change depending on the layout you select.

Hera are some options you can adjust within a selected template:
– Posts Per Page
– Display The Date On Posts
– Number of Columns
– etc.

Pagination Tab

The Pagination section is an important component of any Listing Page. It allows users to easily navigate between Old / New Galleries and Blog Posts.

The settings are very simple here: Choose the layout and that’s it!