Adding Slideshows

In the following tutorial you will find a few videos explaining how to create a Slideshow, where to use Slideshows and Slideshow Settings.

Adding a New Slideshow

In the following tutorial we explain how you can create a new slideshow with the Leon theme:

Note* this video is based on Kyoto theme, however the process of uploading images remains the same for all themes

Adding Slideshows to Pages & Slideshow Settings

In the following video we review the various slideshow settings:

Setting Slideshow Items Color

In the following section we explain how you can set the color for various items in your slideshow. These include your menu, social icons, text over image and depending on the color selected the logo (light or dark will be displayed). To set the color of these items, you can do so per slide by going to the slideshow, then choosing “elements color” for each.