Adding an Image

The Image element is one of the main elements with the Flex Block builder.

In order to add an image to the block, click the Add Element icon in your top bar. In the expanded bar click on the Image element or drag & drop it into the building area. In case you click on it, it will appear right in the center of you block building area.

Image Settings

Double-click on the new Image block to expand its settings that will appear on your right side.

  • at the top of each element’s settings you will see the Sizes and Positions section. This is an informative section where X and Y show the top left angle position, o shows the rotation angle, W and H show the width and height of the element. These fields are functional and you can use them to move, resize or rotate your element. However the same actions can be achieved by manually tweaking the element with your mouse.
  • Upload Image section allows you to insert the images from your computer or your site Media Library.
  • After you upload an image, you will see the Crop Image option below it. If activated, it will allow you to select the visible area of the image within the element frame. If the option is disabled, the image will fit the element frame.
  • You can add a link to the image if you activate the Use Link option.
  • Corners radius gives you an option to round the image corners.
  • Outline Border if activated allows to add a border around the image, as well as manage its width and color.