Global Header Layout

In order to add more flexibility to manage the header area we have added Header Placeholder block – it’s added to the predefined templates and to the Default Template that you use to build your custom pages.

The block doesn’t have much options in it, however it’s a standalone block that is connected to FloThemes -> Header area and pulls all its settings.

Being a standalone block it allows you to:

  • move the header block: For example, on the Home page you may want to have a clean and beautiful slider and list the menu below it. Header Placeholder block allows you to do it. Just reorder the blocks and move the header to the second position.
  • remove the header block from a page: In case you require to have a page that you send to your clients privately (for example, pricing page), you may want it to look separated from the site and have no navigation to the site. In this case you create page as normally and remove header (and footer) from it.
  • use a custom header on certain pages: This is a great option to have different header on some pages, like galleries for example. You may have a pretty big header area that will look amazing on all pages, but on galleries pages it may consume too much space or attract too much attention. In this case, in Header Placeholder block you may click Custom Header Layout and create a new header only for the page. Same can be allied to Global Post Layout or Global Gallery Layout to setup a different menu for the whole Blog or Portfolio area.
    Check Custom Header Layout article for more info.