Flothemes Plugins

With Flothemes we’re aiming to provide you with a suite of services and options for your new site. The following article gives a quick overview of the plugins we have created to use along with your Flothemes site.

You can view and download Flothemes plugins here.

Installing Plugins

See the following video on how to install your Flothemes plugins:

Flo Updater

This plugin should be added for every theme. It allows you to receive free updates for your theme, meaning that your site will always be compatible with the most recent WordPress and Web Standards.

Once installed you’ll see an update notification in your WordPress backend that looks like the following (if an update is available):

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.56.12 PM

The following article theme updates will explain more details on using the Flo Updater plugin.

Flo Launch

Flo Launch – the best way to test drive and Launch your new theme. With Flo Launch you can set up a test environment in your WordPress installation, install you new theme and set it up, all whilst your current site remains live for your users. Want to learn more? Read how to use Flo Launch here.

Flo Forms

For Flothemes users we have created a custom contact form, thats drag and drop, and super simple to use. We wanted to develop a contact form offering of our own, to help prevent issues with email sending issues that other contact forms have had.

Flo Forms aims to solve this issue. We’ve also added a submissions area, and a settings area that will allow your site to send you a reminder to check your entries if you’ve not read them.

The following article explains how to install and use Flo Forms.

You can download our new plugin on your plugins page here.

Flo Shortcodes

Need a way to build your pages more creatively? Flo Shortcodes is a powerful plugin that will give you greater flexibility with your theme, it gives your various options including adding short-code for post types (blog, galleries and videos if available), image and text, columns, team member, box, alerts, buttons, tabs, toggles, and responsive video. You can see them in action on one of our themes here.

Once the plugin is activated, it will be available in all pages in the content area section, using visual mode:

Read more about Flo Short-codes here.

Flo Instagram

Build your social following. Our Flo Instagram his plugin will allow you to add Instagram feeds to your widget areas, as well as an Instagram feed and or button to any pages. Read more about this plugin here.

Flo Twitter

Our Flo Twitter plugin will add a Flo Latest Tweets widget option in Appearance > Widgets.

You need to sign up for a developer app key here. Once you have the key add the information and you can start showing your tweets in any widget area.

Flo Custom Login

Flo Custom Login will give you a custom login page when logging into WordPress, great for multiple users that are logging in. You can download our plugin here. View the following video on how to use Flo Login:

Flo Switch

Switching from ProPhoto has never been easier. With our new PP FloSwitch plugin you can convert your old ProPhoto galleries and grids so they can be used with any theme.

FloSwitch is compatible with PP4/PP5.

Download our Flo Switch Plugin here.

Flo Light

Flo Light will allow you to improve your workflow for uploading posts and galleries to your WordPress site. There are 2 parts:

  1. the extension for Lightroom
  2. the plugin for WordPress.

Once both are set up and activated you can create and publish posts and galleries without ever having to leave Lightroom. Any existing users will be able to get the plugin for free, and those not using Flothemes can purchase Flo Light here.

Read more about Flo Light Here.