Fiji II Fonts & Colors

Every Flotheme is published with a number of fonts and colors that are selected and set up to highlight the theme aesthetics. These fonts and colors have different purposes and for the users’ convenience, they are labeled differently.

Under Flotheme -> 10. Style -> Typography you have several font labels that are used on your website. In case you’re wondering what font families are used for each type, below you can find the list with all font labels and the colors that are used in your theme.

Fiji II Fresh Style

Font Style:

Logo Font->TheanoDidot Regular

Special Heading 1->D-DIN

Special Heading 2->D-DIN Condensed

Heading 1->Marcellus Regular

Heading 2->Marcellus Regular

Heading 3->Marcellus Regular

Heading 4->Marcellus Regular

Heading 5->Marcellus Regular

Heading 6->Marcellus Regular

Paragraph 1->Overpass Light

Paragraph 1 Link->Overpass Light

Meta 1->RobotoMono-Medium

Meta 2->RobotoCondensed Regular

Meta 3->Rosarivo Italic

Call to Action 1->BarlowSemiCondensed SemiBold


Primary Text Color->#3c3c3c

Primary Line Color->#BDBDBD

Primary Background Color->#FFFFFF

Secondary Background Color 1->#F4F4F4

Secondary Background Color 2->#FAFAFA

Fiji II Classic Style

Font Style:

Logo Font->EBGaramond-MediumItalic

Special Heading 1->Libre Baskerville-Regular

Special Heading 2->Libre Baskerville-Regular

Heading 1-> CormorantGaramond-Medium

Heading 2->CormorantGaramond-Medium

Heading 3->CormorantGaramond-Medium

Heading 4->CormorantGaramond-Medium

Heading 5->CormorantGaramond-Medium

Heading 6->CormorantGaramond-Medium

Paragraph 1->EBGaramond-Regular

Paragraph 1 Link->EBGaramond-Regular

Meta 1->Montserrat Medium

Meta 2->Montserrat Medium

Meta 3->EBGaramond-Italic

Call to Action 1->Libre Baskerville-Regular


Primary Text Color->#6e6e6e

Primary Line Color->#BDBDBD

Primary Background Color->#FFFFFF

Secondary Background Color 1->#FAF7F6

Secondary Background Color 2->#FAF7F6

Fiji II Earth Style

Font Style:

Logo Font->Didot Bold

Special Heading 1->Arimo Regular

Special Heading 2->Arimo Regular

Heading 1-> Arimo Regular

Heading 2->Arimo Regular

Heading 3->Arimo Regular

Heading 4->Arimo Regular

Heading 5->Arimo Regular

Heading 6->Arimo Regular

Paragraph 1->CrimsonText Roman

Paragraph 1 Link->CrimsonText Roman ( Paragraph 1 Link missing )

Meta 1->CrimsonText Semi-Bold

Meta 2->CrimsonText Semi-Bold

Meta 3->CrimsonText Roman

Call to Action 1->CrimsonText Semi-Bold


Primary Text Color->#3a3a3a

Primary Line Color->#bca18f

Primary Background Color->#edecea

Secondary Background Color 1->#ffffff

Secondary Background Color 2->#f7f8f8

Fiji II Almond Style

Font Style:

Logo Font->Raleway ExtraLight

Special Heading 1->Raleway ExtraLight

Special Heading 2->Raleway Semi-Bold

Heading 1-> TheanoDidot Regular

Heading 2->TheanoDidot Regular

Heading 3->TheanoDidot Regular

Heading 4->TheanoDidot Regular

Heading 5->TheanoDidot Regular

Heading 6->TheanoDidot Regular

Paragraph 1->OpenSans Regular

Paragraph 1 Link->OpenSans Regular ( Paragraph 1 Link missing )

Meta 1->OpenSans Regular

Meta 2->Raleway Semi-Bold

Meta 3->Raleway Light

Call to Action 1->Raleway Semi-Bold


Primary Text Color->#9f9f9f

Primary Line Color->#cccccc

Primary Background Color->#ffffff

Secondary Background Color 1->#fefbf6

Secondary Background Color 2->#f6f4f3