Desktop Header Components

As we mentioned earlier, each Header Layout has its own set of settings and can change depending on the layout you select in the Desktop Header Layout tab.

Regardless of the layout you chose, the process is still very easy. For each layout, we have a detailed screenshot explaining the Header Components within. Each component is labeled with a Letter and each component has one or more settings to adjust.

Two default Header Components that are always available in any Header Layout are Logo and Menu. Other components like Search, Social Links, various taglines, etc. are optional and in most cases can be switched ON/OFF.

*NOTE some themes may have Menu Layout that is a “burger style” menu.

In this case you will find an additional tab called Menu Popup Options. This option allows the Menu to slide out and cover the screen partially or fully (depending on the theme settings). Within this tab there are also additional settings related to fonts, colors and menu structure that can be adjusted.