Custom Widgets

There are 4 custom Widgets we developed for some of our themes. These custom Widgets can be used in Sidebars and applied to different pages within the site.

You can locate these Widgets by going to Appearance – Widgets.

*Note any text area used within Widgets have the same approach in terms of Font Settings, Color Adjustments as other sections within the site.

We highly recommend that you check out the articles below regarding Sidebars and Widgets.
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Below are the Widgets described in detail.

Subscribe Widget

The Subscribe Widget is used for adding Newsletter subscriptions to pages. It is a convenient tool if there isn’t much space within the footer to add this feature.

The particular Widget deals with text sections and color adjustments only.

There are several areas to add text content to:

1. Widget Background and Elements Color

2. Title and Text fields

3. Form Fields

4. Submit Button title and colors

5. Newsletter Mailchimp Code
In the following section you will need to copy / paste the Mailchimp code into the designated field.