Custom Footer Layout

Creating a Custom Footer is not something you require on a daily basis, however, it is good to know how to use this feature if the need comes around.

Enabling this feature, allows you to create a custom Footer for a specific page, or remove the Footer completely if it is not required. However, please note that not all themes include this option.

To access these, you are required to enable this feature within the page back-end – in the “Footer Placeholder” block you need to enable the options Custom Footer Layout and create the new footer.

The options to customize a Custom Footer are identical to the ones located in the global footer area Flotheme – Footer Settings.

The only real difference is that the settings applied in the Custom Footer area will affect only the page it is being applied in (or the Global Template if you are applying the Custom Footer in Flotheme -> Posts -> Global Post Layout or Flotheme -> Galleries -> Global Gallery Layout).

Video - Adding Custom Footers

Below we have a more detailed video overview of how the process works within the back-end.