Blog Post Settings

When setting up your Blog Posts it is important to make sure they are structured according to your needs. In the following sections we will go over the settings in detail and explain some the options we have.

First of all go to Flotheme – Pages – Blog Post. You will see that the following section is broken down into several other subsections. So let’s go over them one step at a time.

4.6 Blog Post

This area has only few settings to adjust:
Default single post layout – chose one of three layouts for all future Blog Posts. Your options are: Full Width, Right/Left Sidebar

Auto set featured images – enable this option only if you do not wish to upload your Blog Post cover image manually. It will automatically select the first image from the Blog Post as the cover / featured image.

Blog Post Responsive Images – this option allows you to disable images to be responsive if required.

4.6.1 Title Block

This area is responsible for positioning your Blog Post Title.

The options are: Above / Under Featured Image

This section also has a few other settings:
Display Category – yes/no
Display Post Date – yes/no
Display Sharing Links – yes/no

For each section you can also assign specific fonts or styles.

4.6.2 Featured Image

This area is pretty simple. There are only 3 options to adjust:
Display Featured Image in your Blog Posts – yes/no
Featured Image Size
Featured Image Height

4.6.3 Special Block

This area is completely optional but can come in handy for some. There are two different “Special Block” types
Type A – will show Related Blog Posts to the left side of the actual Blog Post. Related Posts are determined by the category assigned to them.
A small text area is also available before your primary Blog Content.

*Please note this layouts will shift your content to the right side of the page.

Type B – provides the option of creating a Credits List or just a section where you can list some additional info regarding your Blog Post: Location, Participants, etc.
A small text area is also available before your primary Blog Content.

As any section within the theme you can also adjust Font Settings for specific wording titles within the Site.

4.6.4 Content

In the Content Settings you can adjust the width of your Blog Posts. Options to adjust are:
Content Width – fixed width in pixels
Content Sizing – Fixed or Proportional to Screen Size
Vertical distance between Blog Post Images

4.6.5 Bottom Area

In short – this is your Blog Post Footer. In this section you can adjust:
Display Tags – yes/no
Display Share Links – yes/no
Change Share Links Label